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KATALYST provides a holistic training and support, covering the core knowledge of finance and impact investment, development of a bespoke impact strategy, and personal discovery and growth. The program is organised across five streams, with the final content, focus areas, and level of depth being driven by the Fellows' objectives, needs, and the level of prior knowledge.

Impact Strategy

& Implementation

Practical Impact Investment Skills

Leadership & Empowerment

Basics of Investing & Wealth Management

Grasp the basics of finance and wealth management, build your core investment skills, and "speak the language" of finance.


Topics include:

  • core concepts of finance and investing 

  • understanding financial statements

  • portfolio management tools and methodologies

  • family office and family foundation 101

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Core Concepts of Impact Finance 

Gain an understanding of the basics of sustainable and impact investment and the range of available investment opportunities, and learn how to integrate impact-generating investments into your portfolios.  


Topics include: 

  • basic concepts of  impact investing and sustainable finance

  • difference between responsible, sustainable and  impact investment and venture philanthropy

  • market overview

  • ways of generating impact

  • range of impactful investment opportunities 

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Impact Strategy & Implementation

Understand how to develop your own impact engagement approach, and how to structure and execute the investment program.  

Topics include: 

  • what does an effective impact investment strategy looks like?

  • approaches of family offices, foundations and family businesses 

  • key lessons learned by peers 

  • implementation options

  • building your team

  • working with advisers

  • easy ways to get started

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Practical Impact Investment Skills

Understand how to build and manage an impact investment portfolio: build your investment skills, get access to tools and resources, and craft your investment processes and policies. 


Topics include: 

  • how to split your portfolio into different investment categories

  • where to find impactful investment opportunities and how to assess them 

  • how to negotiate terms and monitor your investments

  • ways of measuring and managing impact

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Leadership & Empowerment

Learn about your strengths and blind spots, craft your impact vision and  build your soft skills which will help you accelerate your impact journey, find your voice, and blaze your own trail.  


Topics include: 

  • leadership and personal impact wheel 

  • communication and presentation skills

  • family dynamics, conflict resolution

  • building confidence and credibility

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