Format of Katalyst

how is the program structured?

The program uses a variety of formats to deliver a unique experiential learning environment in  which to advance your impact journey, specifically adapted to your schedule and available time.

Curated Strategy Development 

In-Person Module

Coaching &

Peer Mentoring 


Live Webinars & Workshops

The core content of the program, determined during the on-boarding sessions, will be delivered, in primarily, through thematic webinars and workshops. These sessions will not only build your knowledge and core traditional and impact investment skills, but will also provide insight into peer strategies and implementation approaches, as well as deep dives into areas of particular interest. Many sessions will integrate exciting guest speakers. They will include families of wealth who will share their journeys and open up their investment portfolios, as well as experienced institutional impact investors who will lead you though case studies of live investment opportunities, share their investment methodologies and tools, and provide useful tips. 

Curated Strategy Development

Apply the knowledge gained through the program to crafting your impact strategy. Start by workshopping your strategy outline in a curated process and work individually with the Program Director during coaching sessions to further define your impact and financial goals, thematic focus, key investment criteria and initiatives, and ways to implement your strategy and manage the impact program.   


In-Person Module

Come to Zurich, Switzerland, to boost your learnings and expand your network. Connect with other Fellows and more experienced peers, and forge valuable industry connections. Share your goals, strategies, and challenges in a safe environment, learning from each other and building a strong peer support group. Boost your knowledge  and leadership skills through a combination of practice-oriented sessions and workshops; site visits; and fun group activities. 

Coaching & Peer Mentoring 

Start with an extensive onboarding, in which you will discuss your background and goals, and develop a detailed individual learning plan. Then, benefit from monthly coaching sessions with the Program Director, receiving support on any issue you may be struggling with on your impact investment journey. Upon completion of the program, take part in a closing discussion, reviewing the program results and addressing any issues that may have arisen. Also have access to more experienced peers who can help you navigate impact investing.


Facilitated Internship (optional)

Gain confidence and credibility, and advance your career through work experience at an impact investment organization. Together, we will create a shortlist based on your objectives. We will also make introductions and prepare you for interviews.